Here’s MancBee, a re-imagined version of our much-loved Manchester bee. Designed by Mancunian maker, Dylan C. Black, and crafted in his own local workshop, the lovely all-silver bee jewel comes straight out of Crumpsall. Dylan says:  “The Manchester Bee has always been 2D flat. I’m all about 3D design, and I wanted to give it a third dimension. The 3D curves I made for the bee are alive. It’s a sexy little insect, now.”

MancBee is made from 5 grams of sterling silver, 30mm x 25mm. With its secure pin and clasp at the back, it can be worn as a badge, lapel pin, brooch or any way you like – maybe a piercing! MancBee is affordable glam to suit work clothes, street clothes or even your wedding outfit.

When you buy a MancBee, you have the opportunity to donate £4 or £10 to Manchester charities, and when you do, the MancBee project will MATCH your donation, so your gift is doubled up. Full info in the site menu.

Want a satin-finish MancBee? Want a special version? Want lots? Got a great idea?  Contact Dylan:

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