MancBee charity giving

When you pay for a MancBee and opt for a £4 or £10 donation, your £4 or £10 AND AN ADDITIONAL £4 or £10 from the MancBee project will be sent to this fund:


The donations will be sent to the fund on 1st of every calendar month following receipt of your payment. This ensures that you know exactly how much money is going where, and it’s not tied to “profits” that might be obscured in company accounts and could be calculated in different ways.

Payments all go through PayPal to Dylan C. Black’s company Smarter Than Ltd. The accounts are supervised by the company accountant and submitted annually to the tax man and Companies House in the usual way. Dylan will allow the Charities Commission and the WeLoveManchester fund to inspect the PayPal account and Smarter Than Ltd’s books at any time.

In future, the MancBee project may decide to expand the giving campaign to other Manchester charities and causes concerned with poverty and opportunity in Greater Manchester. Notice will be given and bee-buyers will always have complete information on where their donations are going.

The MancBee has no sting!